This is what happens when Sweden and Norway get together – you get a phenomenal folk/pop outfit like Indigorado”

Polka Cafe, Bangalore


Norwegian-Swedish folkpop duo Indigorado are based in Leksand, Sweden and consist of Cathrine Witzøe and Ola Borglin.

They first met in 2012 as Cathrine was booked for the Kongsberg Jazz Festival and was looking for co-musicians and songwriters. She met Ola and on their first jam they wrote a song together. A few months later they perfomed a beautiful acoustic concert with a 4-piece band at the festival. 

It took three years before they released their first singles "Please" and "After Life" which received media attention in the Swedish newspaper Dala-Demokraten and Indian magazine Polka Cafe. They returned to the studio the year after and in 2017 "The Old Man" saw the light of day. The music video to The Old Man, directed by Kenneth Åkerland Berg, won nominations and awards at several film festivals around the globe, e.g. Cayman International Film Festival and Prague Independent Film Festival.
In 2020 they released the single "Ice", a song that also reached the final in the regional radio contest "P4 Nästa Dalarna".
Their debut album "Find Back" was released in 2022 comprising 9 songs to which the listener can close their eyes to and let the mind wander off.

Some of their career highlights so far (and so many not mentioned here):

- Kongsberg Jazz Festival
- Working Class Hero Festival
- Waves Vienna
- Haugesund Kulturnatt
- Touring in England, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland.
- Supporting Daniel Lemma at Cosmopolite, Oslo
- Shared stage with Adam Barnes, Josh Savage, Joseph & Maia, Conrad Vingoe, Ingrid Berg Mehus to name a few fantastic artists.



Short blurb:

Indigorado is a Norwegian-Swedish duo performing soulful songs with inspiration from indiefolk, singer/songwriter and world. Their music has been described as positive melancholy and has been compared to artists like Laura Marling, Eva Cassidy and Stevie Nicks. Since the beginning in 2012 they have toured in 12 countries and are known for being an interesting live-act displaying presence and nerve, inviting the audience to their own inner journey.

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Photo: Indigorado

Photo: Indigorado

Photo: Indigorado

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